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We specialize in serving the personal computer needs of small businesses and individual professional computer users in Western Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide you with:

Equipment and Upgrades and Software

featuring the best possible combinations of:

Quality and Service and Value

How we do it...

Using trade sources that we have researched, tested, and used extensively during the past decade, we can quickly obtain a large variety of high quality computer hardware and software. To reduce costs, we have kept our local inventory to a minimum. In this way, we are able to offer you the latest products at the best prices.

The best advice...

When we recommend equipment to meet your needs, we select it as if choosing our own. We look for good quality, the best cost/performance ratio, and compatibility. We will never be influenced by any need to clear our own inventory or to obtain high profit margins.

Custom solutions...

Winhill computer systems are designed and custom built to your requirements. They are individually tested and configured with your selection of software programs. Then they are delivered and installed in your office or home, and demonstrated to insure your satisfaction. Multiple systems can be connected for you into an efficient local area network.

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