Word Perfect Suite 8 from Corel, $54.99 Office 97 Professional Suite from Microsoft, $59.99 Norton Uninstall Deluxe from Symantec, only $7.99!


What We Offer

All of the software products that we offer are currently ON SALE! Our prices will probably never be this low again - and neither will anybody else's in the Pittsburgh area. Just take a look in our catalog (below). See for yourself!

As you will see, we offer a large number of different packages. Although we cannot hold a complete inventory of all these software products in stock, we do have fresh shipments arriving from suppliers each week. This means that even if we don't have it in hand, your order can usually be delivered within ten working days.

The prices quoted include everything except sales tax and shipping, and.... orders of over $40.00 will be shipped at our expense; on all others we charge only a fixed $3.50 per order (always less than the actual cost). So... it pays you to order several products at the same time! You may pre-pay your order if you wish, or pay an additional $5.00 per order for COD.

We hope to hear from you soon!

What You'll Find in the Software Catalog

In our catalog we list a large number of software products. Although we'll happily answer any questions that we can, we cannot be familiar with all of them. We do try to show the author/publisher of each product listed. You are welcome to visit the publisher's web site to find out more about any product, including its normal retail price (always way more than we charge).

Whenever possible, we describe the packaging of the software, in case this is important to you. Most products these days consist of a CD-ROM that contains both software and documentation. Printed documentation is rare. The CD-ROM may be packed in a paper sleeve, a "jewel" case (like most music CD's), or in a cardboard box. An "OEM" product is usually an exceptional value; it is intended for bundling with a new system (please call us to discuss this concept).

As you browse the catalog, please make a note of the publisher, title, and price of each product that you select. When you have the list, e-mail it to us. We will confirm receipt of your order, total price, and anticipated delivery.

We appreciate your business!


When you have made your selection
please e-mail us your list



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