We serve Western Pennsylvania.

As a local business and your neighbor, we offer you special service. We expect to be here, as a friend and neighbor in the future, and so we want to win your ongoing satisfaction as our customer. We know that the growth of our business in this community depends on this.


We want to get it right before we start.

Even before you buy from us, you will feel the Winhill difference. We will gladly visit with you, discuss the computers you currently have, and the ways in which they meet or fail to meet your future needs. We'll be happy to offer our best advice, and explain what your options may be. When you talk, we'll listen. And we'll only recommend and offer new, replacement or upgraded systems that fit your real needs and your budget.


Then we will do it right.

Whether you purchase a new Winhill system or an upgrade to your existing PC, we'll deliver satisfaction. We design quality in to our systems; we select components for performance, finish, and reliability, not just low cost, then we carefully match them to insure balance and compatibility.

We build quality in to each system by careful hand assembly, rigorous testing, and close inspection at every stage. We will install your system in your office only when we are 100% sure it works perfectly. That way, your new system will work well from day one. We'll demonstrate its operation, and help you get started.


We'll be there for you if you need us.

We will maintain the future quality of your new system, with a comprehensive program of product warranty, repair, and performance upgrades that will protect your investment. Unless otherwise stated, all the components that we use in our systems come with a twelve month supplier's warranty.

If your system fails during the warranty period, we'll come on site, diagnose the problem, and if necessary return the faulty component for repair or replacement. Then we'll install the new part, and run a full check of your system, to make sure it's running at 100%. All we ask is that you pay any shipping charges we incur and if it turns out that the product hasn't failed but it's your mistake, you pay for our time.


Beyond the warranty period.

Once your system is out of warranty, it should still provide good service for a number of years. In fact, the majority of failures in electronic components will occur during the first few hours of operation or after five years or more of reliable service. However, if you should experience any problems, we'll come on site and diagnose the fault. Then we'll recommend the most timely and cost effective approach to repair. Often, we'll be able to replace the faulty component by a more powerful one at less then its original cost.


And into the future.

One of the benefits of a well designed, industry standard system is future connectivity. Our plug-compatible approach insures that we'll be able to upgrade your PC in the future to take advantage of new developments and improved technology. As the price of components continues to fall, we'll be able to install a faster processor for you, add more memory, or provide increased disk capacity. All at reasonable prices.


Winhill - Your Local Source for PC Values in Western Pennsylvania

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