The components listed in this catalog may be selected for two purposes:

- to configure your new Winhill-crafted PC System

- to upgrade your existing PC

Some of the options, like software, scanners, printers, etc., can easily be installed in an existing system by a user familiar with the operation of his/her own system. Others, such as the enhancement of RAM memory, or replacement of a CPU, should only be attempted by an experienced technician working in a static free environment.

Winhill will upgrade an existing system for you with components purchased here, at a very modest additional charge. We want your upgrade to be successful and trouble-free. Please inquire for details.

The components in the brief product list below are listed according to their function within a PC system - processor, basics, disk storage, screen, integration (shown for full system), extras, and more options. If you need help selecting the right components for your new Winhill system or for your upgrade, please call or e-mail. We'll be happy to assist.

In addition to the brief list here, we have a full, detailed component catalog that lists hundreds of different parts... more than most people need. To browse that catalog, click on the button below this list.


Component Type Details PriceSelection
Main board, central processor, cooling fan350 MHz - AMD K6-2 170.00Select one
400 MHz - AMD K6-2230.00
333 MHz - Celerion 265.00
400 MHz - Pentium 2 299.00
RAM Memory64 MB70.00Select one
128 MB140.00
256 MB260.00
System CaseMini Tower45.00Select one
Mid Tower70.00
KeyboardStandard12.00Select one
Focus 200125.00
MouseStandard10.00Select one
Logitek Mouse15.00
Microsoft Mouse25.00
Video AdapterAGP 8 MB Video Adapter50.00Select this
Floppy Disk DriveTEAC 3.5" 1.44 MB17.50Select this
CD-ROM Drive44 x45.00Select this
Disk Storage
Ultra EIDE3.2 GB95.00Select one
4.3 GB WD 125.00
6.3 GB WD140.00
10.1 GB WD165.00
13.6 GB WD190.00
Super VGA 15" .28 DP155.00Select one
17" .28 DP240.00
17" .25 DP315.00
Assembly, Testing, Preloading Software, Delivery, Installation 95.00Select this
Sound SystemStandard Adapter and Speakers25.00Select one
Hi Fi - Creative Labs & Cambridge50.00
Windows SoftwareMS Windows 98115.00Select this
MS Office 97 Professional60.00Select some
Corel Word Perfect Suite 855.00
see Software Catalog for more
Fax/Data Modem56 KBS - External 95.00Select one
56 KBS - Internal 55.00
Network Adapter10/100 MBPS RJ4515.00Select this
More Options Call for prices, details.
ScannerFlatbed/Sheet fed
PrinterLaser/Ink jet
Backup Tape/DiskInternal/External
Network Hub, CablesRJ45 - 10 or 100 KBPS
U.P.S.Central/PC - UPS/Surge Protection
Consulting Call for estimate.
Software Configuration
Network Cabling
Data Conversion
Operator Training
Trouble Shooting
Repair, Enhancement


WARNING: The Full Catalog is a large list, containing hundreds of components. It may take several minutes to download and display, depending on the speed of your connection and computer. To utilize this catalog effectively, you may need technical expertise or advice.


For help in figuring out the cost of the Winhill system that you need and can afford,
please contact us



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