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Home leads you into four pages -

Welcome... a message from Winhill's owner, welcoming you to our web site,
Site Guide... this explanation of what you'll find here,
Navigation... some pointers on how to make your way around,
Small Print... all that legal stuff that nobody needs to read.

Winhill leads you into four pages -

Company... an introduction to Winhill and what we can do for you,
Contact... how to reach us by e-mail, US mail, telephone, etc.,
Background... in case you're curious, more about Winhill and it's owner,
News... a list of recent news releases that you can browse.

Systems leads you into four pages -

Introduction... an explanation of how we can build the system you need,
Model 350... example of configuration and pricing for a typical Model 350,
Model 400... another example, this time of the Model 400,
Catalog... a list of components from which we can help you select, so that we can build your PC the way you want it.

Upgrades leads you into three pages -

Introduction... the options you have, to upgrade your existing PC system,
Installation... how we can help you transform your PC into the one you want,
Catalog... the list of components from which you can select your upgrade.

Software leads you into five pages -

Introduction... delivery time, shipping costs, how to use the catalog,
By Title... all the software products we offer, sorted by title,
By Publisher... the same products, sorted by author/publisher,
By Price... this time sorted by price,
Links... links to the publisher sites where you can find full details of the products we list.

Support... details of the support we offer for our products.

Specials... current special offers - limited time/quantity deals on systems, upgrades, and software packages.


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