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For most of us - those with browsers that handle frames - there is a menu on the left of the screen that provides a good way to find our way around. For those without such a browser, there are menus and links built into the pages displayed.

The menu on the left shows a number of major page headings, such as Home, Winhill, Systems, etc. Currently, because you are reading a section of the Home page, Home is in bold, and a list of its sub-pages is shown.

If you click on a different heading, Home will close, and a list of the pages for your selected heading will be displayed. Try it. When you click on one of those pages, or on a heading that doesn't have any sub-pages such as Support, the right hand of the screen will be replaced by the information that you've selected.

Clicking on the current heading - right now it's Home - will remove the list of pages from the menu.

The menu at the foot of every page shows the same headings. There is also a "Top of Page" option.

Clicking on one of these headings will take you straight to the first page for that selection. For example, clicking on Systems will cause the Introduction to be displayed in the right hand side of the screen. From the initial screen, buttons are provided to help you move on to following screens within the same heading.

Embedded links are found throughout the text. Depending on your browser, they may be highlighted differently, but often they will be blue and underlined. Here is a link to this page, Navigating the Web Site.

Clicking on one of these links will take you straight to that page.

The Site Guide section of the Home page lists and explains all the pages within the web site. It contains embedded links to each page. You can click any of them. Then, if you then want to return to the Guide and to use that as your base, click on the browser's "Back" key.

If your browser does not display any menu on the left of this screen, the Site Guide may provide a good center from which you can explore the whole site.

We will appreciate your feedback on any aspect of the web site, including the ease of navigation. We welcome your suggestions. Thank you.


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