News Release 07/01/1999

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Winhill To Sell Large Range of Value Priced Software Packages

Pittsburgh, PA (July 1st, 1999) - Local personal computer technology vendor Winhill today announced availability of a large selection of well known software packages that it will offer to its Western Pennsylvania customers. The initial offering includes approximately 350 products from well know software authors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Broderbund, Corel, Disney, Expert, Fisher Price, IMSI, Interplay, Lotus, Mindscape, Multicom, Rand McNally, Rom-Tech, Sega, Sierra, Symantec, and others. With an average Winhill price of under $10, many of these products are offered at about half normal retail prices.

"These packages are normally sold at very high profit margins," explained Winhill founder Mark Williamson. "By purchasing them in bulk from our trade sources, and marking them up by the same percentage as our computer equipment, we can undercut other retailers in this area." He said that work on the new line of software products began several months ago. It was originally intended to provide more software options for customers purchasing Winhill's computer systems. When he saw how well they could compete in the local software market, he decided to promote the software products independently.

Price lists for the Winhill software products will be distributed by mail and via the Internet. Potential customers are invited to e-mail for details. Orders will be accepted via Internet or telephone, and distributed by COD mail. Mr. Williamson stated that credit card payments would probably be accepted in the near future. He said that the success of this new product line depended only on Winhill's ability to develop a low cost business model to efficiently handle a high volume of transactions. "We're working it out as we go along," he said "and it's looking good!"

As with its computer hardware products, Winhill's pricing strategy depends on keeping its investment in local inventory to a minimum. With fresh orders arriving from suppliers each week, it expects to fill customer orders within ten business days. Winhill expects that shoppers who need to purchase the software for immediate use will prefer to continue paying a premium and purchasing at retail stores. Those shoppers for whom the price is more important than instant gratification now have the chance to buy at bargain prices.

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