News Release 06/16/1999

Public Relations Contact:
Mark Williamson
(724) 935-0302

MWC Changes Name - Now "Winhill"

Pittsburgh, PA (June 16th, 1999) - Following the successful launch of its new range of Winhill workstation PC's, Mark Williamson Consulting today announced that it would in future be known as "Winhill".

The change of name marks a transition from a business that quietly prospered from "word of mouth" advertising and personal references, to one that will increasingly use Internet and traditional media to increase awareness among particular targeted markets. Owner/founder Mark Williamson said that to accompany its new name the business would adopt a new trademark logo.

This was designed to symbolize a packaged computer system with multiple options. "It's time," he said "for us to grow from a 'no name' computer vendor to one that's proud of its identity and reputation. We believe that our new name and logo will become synonymous with the quality, value, and service that we offer to our customers."

The new business name has been registered with the State of Pennsylvania, and published in local newspapers, as required by law.

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