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MWC Announces New "Winhill" Workstation

Pittsburgh, PA (June 1st, 1999) - Mark Williamson Consulting today announced its new, faster range of Winhill workstation PC's designed to satisfy the most demanding office and professional computer users. This announcement underlines MWC's renewed commitment to its small business and professional markets in Western Pennsylvania.

The new range - the first to bear the "Winhill" badge - will be anchored by the Model 350, powered by the AMD K6-2 processor clocked at 350 MHz. This chip has been hailed by many industry pundits as the current leader in the hotly contended mid-range price/performance battle. It is more than twice as fast as the Intel Pentium 200 MMX that won a large share of this market in 1998.

The base Model 350 workstation will include 64 MB RAM memory, a 6.3 GB Ultra EIDE disk drive, 45X CD-ROM drive, AGP video adapter, and all the usual gizmos. Housed in a nice, mid-tower case with stereo speakers and a 17" SVGA monitor, it is priced at an incredibly low $1,055. Many options are available, including an upgrade to Intel Pentium II 400 MHz (10% faster) with 128 MB Ram memory for less than $200 extra.

As has been true with earlier workstations from this vendor, customers can order value priced custom configurations to match their exact needs. The systems are usually pre-loaded with software as specified by the customer, and they are delivered and installed in the customer's home or office. Networking and other services are available.

MWC founder Mark Williamson, unveiling the new model, declared his intention to win a share of the rapidly growing market among small and mid-sized businesses in Western Pennsylvania. "It seems," he said "that there is a wide gap between the chain stores and mail order companies that sell off the shelf PC's at low prices, and the specialist service companies that provide good but expensive consulting, support, and equipment. We plan to fill that gap with a range of quality products and services priced within realistic budgets." He pointed to the burgeoning demand, caused by the urgent need to upgrade or replace existing equipment during 1999. This is needed to facilitate installation of the latest software before the well-known Y2K bug brings these businesses to a grinding halt.

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